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Keep up to date with accurate ratings from the broadcasting industry

Do you want to know what’s making an impact and what’s not? Broadcast provides all the latest ratings news from overnights to consolidated ratings. With statistics filtered by channels, genres, demographics and digital, you'll be able to understand viewing trends to help inform your own business decisions. Plus, there’s expert commentary on what the latest data means for the industry.

Compiled by Broadcast in conjunction with BARB and Overnights.tv you’ll find the statistics presented in easy to use reference tables every week in Broadcast magazine detailing viewer figures and share. Plus, we drill down into a particular genre, time slot or channel, providing you with the analysis behind the data.

You can access overnight ratings in the Broadcastnow mobile & tablet app giving you an instant daily view.

Broadcast provides an expert overview of the current trends that are shaping the broadcasting industry today and is an essential resource for anyone working in the TV and media sector.

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