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Production & Technology

Get an inside look at how the latest TV shows are made with our in-depth Production coverage.

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Broadcast gives you a different focus, from regional and genre focus to company profiles. You'll learn insider tricks of the trade from all sectors of the industry and funding know-how to help you make informed and successful business decisions.

Find out how the most innovative projects were conceived. Learn about the full production process from concept development, to how it was pitched and what challenges they faced.
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Broadcast TECH

Broadcast TECH magazine is a bi-monthly supplement included with a Broadcast subscription. It provides all you need to know about the latest post, production and playout techniques and hot topics. With the dedicated technology section of broadcastnow.co.uk, our technology resources provide the perfect compliment to Broadcast, to give you the full industry picture.

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Broadcast publishes data daily to provide you with clear information in a layout that's easy to understand. Plus, we give you detailed analysis, focusing on the current trends that are shaping the broadcasting industry, so you can shape your business for success.

Providing essential, relevant and accurate information direct to your inbox and post-box, Broadcast is the definitive resource for news, jobs and expert insight on the future of your industry, giving you a competitive edge and access to all the latest business opportunities.

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