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Whether you are looking to pitch your newest project or hoping to commission the next big thing we will tell you what’s being made, who’s making it, who they are making it for.

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With more than 3,125 programmes, 500 indies and 325 commissioners our continually updated database of commissioned UK programmes provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date set of resources currently available.

Broadcast's online service offers up-to-the-minute information on the latest
commissions and a comprehensive guide to the indies, channels and
commissioners behind them. Use our insider knowledge to help get your
programme off the ground with the inside track from Greenlight, exclusive
to Broadcast.

Inside Greenlight:

Who’s who for every channel
Connect directly with the people and companies that can help shape your ideas and commission your work

In Development
Be the first to find the programmes ready to be commissioned and are in concept, script or pilot stage

Know everything your competitors are up to with information on all of the latest commissions. Including when it was commissioned, what’s being made, who’s making it and who for.

See who is making or commissioning your kind of programme – we do the research so that you don’t have to!

The digital version of the distributors survey details who the major players are internationally.

Now featuring an indicative schedule, commissioning editors and suppliers on the channel homepage.

Production Companies
Understand the latest production and commissioning trends with this fully search and sortable version of the latest Broadcast Indie Survey

Programme makers / talent
Get in touch with influential figures and track the progress of the rising stars with our continually updated directory of the people at the forefront of the industry

You'll never miss another opportunity with this invaluable business tool, exclusively for Broadcast subscribers.

The Essential Resource for anyone working in Broadcasting

Broadcast publishes data daily to provide you with clear information in a layout that's easy to understand. Plus, we give you detailed analysis, focusing on the current trends that are shaping the broadcasting industry, so you can shape your business for success.

Providing essential, relevant and accurate information direct to your inbox and post-box, Broadcast is the definitive resource for news, jobs and expert insight on the future of your industry, giving you a competitive edge and access to all the latest business opportunities.

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