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Do you need to know who's making what, when and for whom?

With fewer hours being commissioned, competition is high so make sure you are one step ahead of the game and your competition by equipping yourself with the latest channel statistics and commissioner needs. If you want to guarantee more successful pitches then Broadcast's commissioning coverage will help you.

Broadcast connects you to the people and companies that can help shape your ideas and commission your work. Get a better understanding of the latest production and commissioning trends with our commissioning coverage and apply it to your latest projects.

Get to know the commissioning editors with, The Commissioner. Read in-depth interviews and personal Fact Files, get tips on how to pitch to them and find out what's on their shopping lists. We provide you with the information you need to make sure your next pitch is a successful one.

Find out:

Broadcast publishes data daily to provide you with clear information in a layout that's easy to understand. Plus, we give you detailed analysis, focusing on the current trends that are shaping the broadcasting industry, so you can shape your business for success.

Providing essential, relevant and accurate information direct to your inbox and post-box, Broadcast is the definitive resource for news, jobs and expert insight on the future of your industry, giving you a competitive edge and access to all the latest business opportunities.

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