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MIP TV: Celebrating the Success Stories

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MipTV is all about initiating, developing and clinching deals. So in this special supplement, Broadcast celebrates that fact by profiling 20 recent deals that encapsulate the creativity and innovation of the distribution business.

Formats is still the big story. In factual, markets like India, Indonesia, Eastern Europe and Australia are becoming big business for franchises such as MasterChef and Undercover Boss. No less significant is the slate of UK dramas being reinvented for US cable audiences – Being Human is a great example.

Another key feature of the market is the resurgence of the big-budget drama co-production. ITV and ABC are backing Titanic; the FME-backed The Drivers looks like a similarly attention-grabbing event; and the Starz/BBC tie-up will take Torchwood to a whole new level.

The deals covered in this supplement also encapsulate significant changes in the plumbing of the business. The growth of global channel brands, for example, is having a major impact, as outlined in our stories about TLC and Nickelodeon’s Victorious. And digital continues to disrupt traditional rights and windowing models, a point neatly underlined by our analyses of Netflix, Hulu and Disney’s activities.

Finally this free download also highlights the important role that Brits continue to play in the creation and development of global television brands. It’s one area where Blighty continues to punch above its weight!

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