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Little Guide to Locations

With production budgets squeezed on every side, sourcing a relevant and affordable location for your shoot has become vital.

Need a 19th century windmill or to recreate a spaceship launch? How about an underground pub or castle? Or perhaps you need to film at a race track, or a hospital? You'll find them, and the people and companies who can help you achieve your vision, in this guide.

Our Little Guide to Locations provides a snapshot of some the best locations in the business.

Each entry has location listings and key contacts so you can find what you're looking for. There are details of online databases to help you search for what you want, and information on service support provided by our featured suppliers- from dedicated location managers and research assistance to familiarisation trips, script breakdowns and the low-down on local facilities and crews.

Flexible, versatile locations can be the key to a successful shoot. Happy hunting!

In this guide:

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