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Broadcast Hot Shots 2018

Celebrating female talent in our exclusive Hot Shots supplement

In this special female-led initiative, Broadcast showcases leading industry figures of the future. This supplement champions young and diverse female talent, recognising female determination, ambition and ability to succeed in an industry striving to improve its record in gender issues.

Each Broadcast Hot Shot has the potential to shake up the television industry in the years to come and their progress will be followed by the Broadcast team. In previous editions, Jay Hunt and Liz Murdoch are two of the high-profile women whose talent was spotted early on in their TV careers and rewarded with a Broadcast Hot Shot nomination.


“This is the first female-only TV initiative of its kind that I can think of”
2018 Hot Shots nominee

"Our 2018 set of Broadcast Hot Shots embody what it takes to make an impression in the competitive world of British television"
Jesse Whittock, Hot Shots editor

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